Spectra Re-Cap Kits  

These are the new, direct replacement Surface Mount Devices (SMD) needed to replace all the leaking electrolytic capacitors in your Spectra radio.  These are the new style, not supposed to leak.


I used to offer this kit, I don't even bother any more. 

 I do not recommend using these thru-hole components!!!



For those of you who want the ultimate in refurbishing kits, I am offering these tiny, tantalum capacitor kits.  These will not leak, are extremely precise and you will never have to worry about replacing them again.

All caps are tantalum, including the 10uf @ 50v caps!.

Capacitor Refurb Kit, dash-mount type spectras and some remote-head types as pictured to the left. $18 ea. + $2 shipping and handling, up to 4 kits.  5 to 10 kits, include $4 shipping and handling.

*** NOTE: if you are reading this, I still have these kits for sale! ***

Click here to order. Please include a model number for your Spectra.

Here's the catch folks...

  I have sold a LOT of these kits.  Most people thank me; however, I have had a few that just don't have a clue and claimed the new parts made their problem worse!  You can not replace these caps and expect your radio to be back to 100%.  Your radio SHOULD BE PROPERLY ALIGNED after these parts are replaced.  Every board gets new parts, so the frequency is going to be out of spec.  The audio levels and deviation will be off, the tones and levels will be off, the low and high power levels will be off, as well as the current draw.

  PLEASE make sure you properly align your radio with a service monitor that has a valid, up-to-date calibration. 

  AND REMEMBER.. the electrolyte that leaked from the old caps is Boric Acid based. It will continue to eat away at your boards unless you neutralize it and clean it up.  De-solder your old parts, remove all the old solder and acid gunk, and then scrub that board with denatured alcohol. Do all this before installing your new parts.

Left is a picture of a Spectra I re-capped completely with Tantalum capacitors in place of the electrolytic can types. 

This picture is the RF Board where the arrows show the new capacitors in place.

I will be happy to work on your /\/\otorola Spectra for you. 

I can do the repairs, re-cap the radio with your choice of the above components, effect any repairs that may be needed, polish the display, and do the correct alignment to bring your radio within the published specifications.  I charge $50 per radio, for re-capping and alignment.  $10 more for cleaning and polishing the display.  All other repairs on an as-needed basis. 

You provide to and from shipping.  A standard rate USPS shipping box works best, include a paid, return label so you can get your radio back without any delays.

*** I have 2 unclaimed Spectras here in my shop.  One is a remote head, black, high power, the other is a standard dash-mount.  Include a previous e-mail, serial number, programming specs, something, to prove it's yours, then provide a means of shipping.  These have been here a while.  After 366 days, Georgia Law considers them abandoned.  Personally, I don't want or need them.  Please contact me for your radios! ***

I also provide programming, should you wish to have that done.

Please email me with any questions by clicking here.


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